How to differentiate among granite, solid surface and quartz stone?

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Renovation for every house or even commercial shop will always come to a stage that the owner need to choose the material they wish to use for their kitchen top, kitchen island top, bar counter top or even washroom basin top. So here come the question …. How am i going to differentiate each of the material? And how to choose which is the most suitable material for my house?

There are 3 major type of material that most designer will use for all residential or commercial table top.

Granite vs solid surface vs quartz stone

granites 1Granite Stone

granite vs quartz granite vs quartz 1


  1. What is the character of granite stone?
  •   100% Natural stone no chemical adding in. One of the non man-made material with organic quality
  •   Not affected by heat… this is one point that owner will love it because we can place a hot plates direct on granite.
  •   Granite always is the most bacteria-resistant surfaces compare others
  •   Highly scratch resistant – even if there are some small scratches it can be repair by those professional
  •   May require join but there are plenty of profile available
  •   Highly polished finish and it is also scratch resistant
  •   Every piece of granite is naturally unique no matter in  colour or patterning
  •   For maintenance granite might require periodic sealing to prevent staining
  •   Granite is always well known for the toughness and longevity
  •   Of cause it is most costly among all

solid surface 3    Solid Surface

solid surface solid surface 4 solid surface 5 solid surface 6


2. What is the character of solid surface?

  •   Solid surface is a man-made material : Acrylic or Polyester Plastics
  •   One of the very weak point for solid surface is it can be warp, melt, crack, or discolour the surface when we put on a hot pots on it.
  •   Solid surface also can be Scratches easily. But the good news is it can be sanded if there are scratches.
  •   The very strong point of solid surface is it is Seamless – so the design will look nicer compare others material especially when you need a shape design top.
  •   Since solid surface is a man-made product it always come in consistent and uniform colour and patterning. This make the design easy to control and look alike.
  •   Mostly is matt surface not polished finish
  •   They can be cut and bonded to produce complex designs.
  •   Solid surface is the most economic material compare the rest.


granite stone 1

 Quartz Stone

quartz stone 1

 3. What is the character of quartz stone?

  •   Another type of Man-made material : 85%-95% crushed quartz with a resin binder
  •   Anyway quartz stone can be affected by high heat (over 400F)
  •   It is a material that very resistant to bacteria
  •   Quartz stone is a highly scratch resistant stone
  •   May require join but there are plenty of profile available
  •   Polished finish and it have consistent and uniform colour and patterning
  •   Very good news is it is no maintenance needed… very durable product
  •   Quartz stone is actually a material that designed to looks like granite or marble but it is more durable and flexible compare natural granite stone.
  •   We always can get various of colour selection for quartz stone

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