How To Differentiate Furniture Material?

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Do you how to to differentiate furniture material? Every house owner will get very confusing when come to choosing the material for their furiture.  There are many types of material can be use to make a brand new furniture in your house exp : solid wood, plywood , chipboard & mdf. You may refer to above photo the get the different of those material… Lets us discuss one by one the material so that you will know which to choose or which u want your carpenter to provide you for your house renovation.


Solid Wood – Is the best of all, of cause the most expensive material for your furniture. This is the example of solid wood furniture. The whole design and feeling of solid wood will be very natural and this is always the choice for wood lover….. But dun forget about the price vs the aesthetic. There are some weakness for solid wood also… example heavy and is not advisable to use in smaller house because it always look more bulky and heavy. Although it is sustainable but it need maintenance too.


Plywood – Most common use to make furniture for house and commercial area. It is normally both site with wood texture but plywood always do not have nice texture as solid wood. That is the reason why most carpenter will add on one layer of laminate on top of plywood to make it more presentable. But why this is most common use material? Because it is worthy between price vs aesthetic. It is still sustainable as long as the carpenter have a good skill in gluing the laminate on top of the plywood. Plywood is suitable to use when u need some furniture that is long lasting and stronger. The most important is nowadays technology advance and we can have thousand type of laminated design so suite to our house renovation. You may refer to the photo for the laminate plywood design furniture…. the wood texture is actually the laminate effect.


Chipboard – So here come chipboard. What is Chipboard? The words board already remind you that it is not actually the whole piece of wood but it is from grain wood. It is actually gluing together wood particles(serbuk serbuk kayu) with an adhesive under heat and pressure. Of cause this human make chipboard can always provide you a rigid board with a relatively smooth surface. How can you differentiate chipboard? It is actually come from many densities: – normal, medium and high-density . Normal densities chipboard is not advisable to use for furniture because is fairly soft. Normally  carpenter will use high density chipboard to make house furniture. Only high density furniture is solid and hard enough to build a sustainable furniture. Anyway chipboard come with a weak character. It is easy to soak up water. So one it is water logged then chipboard will be swell and breakdown.


MDF – Medium Density Fibreboard(MDF) is an engineered wood panel product which manufactured from wood fibres. It is reconstituted wood panel product and dry-processed fibreboard. MDF has an even density throughout and is smooth on both sides. The making of the composite uses the fibers, glue, and heat to create a tight bonding board. Both softwood and hardwood are used to manufacture MDF. MDF have the same character as Chipboard it is easy to soak up water and once water logged MDF will swell and breakdown too. MDF is definitely stronger compare Chipboard as this is an engineered wood with adding chemicals while proccessing.



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