Tips to save on renovation cost

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When every customer plan to start renovate a house budgeting is always the major part. House renovation will always out of your budget if you did not plan it well.


Here are the seven tips to save on your house renovation fees!

1. DIY Do it yourself.

If the first question come to your mind is you dunno… Then youtube it  There is lots of YouTube video can provide you with plenty of solution on how to DIY your house renovation. Try to do whatever that you think you can make it yourself. This will be the best way of save money when renovate a house.

2. Try to Source your own on materials

Always source your own materials, get to know more about your material to avoid being overcharged. Visit a home deco fair  to understand the materials more.

3. Ask for a sample 3d design if possible

Start to imagine a house from zero is really hard for most of people… so as k for sample of 3d design from designer or contractor and get a rough budget from them with those design… Only then you have the idea what you like vs the price

4. Don’t Overbuy furniture

I know it is hard to control ourselves when it come to shop for new furniture… Because all the furniture is so nice and you love it all. So the best way is plan first what you need to buy before you start your shopping day. Get the size that can fit in your house nicely and don’t be greedy that big things will be the best. Think properly or even get some designer advise. Don’t buy the furniture that at the end you need to adjust your whole design because of that furniture.

5. Always there is an extras

Your total budget should have some extra of 10–20%. You should prepare more just in case of a sudden price rise on material or you unexpectedly find a part of the house that needed work. Always remember that the budget very important to finalize a house renovation.

6. Secret of Give old things new life

An antique sewing machine can be transformed into a beautiful dining table…..Find the hidden the treasures and give them a new life!

7. Always compare quotations

Always have  your alternatives. Ask for quotations from at least three contractors and study them only get the best choice.

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